Instagram isn’t the only place where companies can find influencers. Before the term “influencer” became a marketing buzzword, YouTube was one of the first social media sites to host and link influencers with companies.

You’ll still need the correct tools and tips to get the most out of your YouTube and influencer marketing experience for your audience and company, as fantastic as they might be.


YouTube for Influencer Marketing

Product Launch

Get attention for your next product launch with a well-planned YouTube influencer campaign. According to public relations, 80 percent of new goods fail. You could fall into the 20% of successful outcomes if you have a well-thought-out marketing plan for your new product launch.

Every marketer understands that using video marketing for product releases may help you gain more exposure than using static photos alone.

For your brand, the influencer can make a teaser, hint, or “coming soon” video. Providing a unique tip to their subscribers before to the introduction of your product.

Request that the influencer prepare a promotional commercial for your upcoming product launch. Displaying or utilising your new product and stating its characteristics might be as simple as that.

To assist enhance attendance and publicity, your influencers might provide unique invites to their followers to your launch party.

YouTube for Influencer Marketing

Get Reviews & Feedbacks

YouTube may be used for more than simply marketing items; it can also be used to gather frank feedback from genuine consumers.

We definitely live in a decade where individuals openly and brazenly share their opinions on social media about brands and celebrities. However, directed and constructive criticism for businesses might be difficult to come by.

Obtain helpful or innovative suggestions for improving your product. It’s also a sly technique to provide the influencer unique material to promote that product or future ventures.

Why not encourage your influencer to make a product video and solicit feedback from customers or viewers?


Unboxing Videos

Request that your associated influencer make a YouTube unboxing video of your new or current product. According to Ipsos, the container design of a brand can impact a consumer’s purchase choice.

YouTube is the only social media channel where unpacking and unwrapping videos are the most popular. Approximately 40% of customers will sit for hours watching unboxing videos from their favourite YouTubers.

Unboxing Videos

Ads & Promotions

YouTube advertisements maintain visual attention 62 percent of the time, compared to 45 percent for TV commercials, according to a research utilising eye-tracking equipment. Making YouTube a strong competitor to Facebook as one of the most popular social media platforms for ad placement.


Giveaways & Contests

If you’re having a giveaway or a contest, have your YouTuber make a video to promote it and bring in new customers and followers.

One of the most effective methods to market and emphasise the benefits of your product or service is through giveaways. When compared to other types of online activity, they have a 34% greater conversion rate.

Send visitors to your website and ask them to enter by email or subscribe to the influencer and your Youtube channel to help you grow your subscriber base.

Finally, use a special URL to track entries and website visits from your influencers. As a result, you’ll be able to keep track of your giveaway.

YouTube for Influencer Marketing

Promote Discounts & Deals

It’s a great place to start if you’re new to dealing with influencers and want to invite them to give personalised discounts and promotions to their followers.

An influencer might be given a free gift or items in exchange for creating a video or lookbook, as well as a special promotional code for their followers.

This discount might be anything between 10% and 30% off. Make the code only valid for a specific amount of time. Offering discounts for a short time might help fans feel compelled to move quickly and purchase right away.

YouTube discounts

Drive Traffic to website

Influencers can help you boost traffic to your website. Reach out to an influencer and ask them to include your brand and link to your website in their video description if you’ve just launched your website or need a traffic boost.

This straightforward yet efficient strategy is certain to provide results. Incentives, on the other hand, have a tendency of helping individuals click quicker and more. To get visitors to visit your website, provide a product, a video, or unique material.



It’s important to remember that working with influencers isn’t about finding a YouTube influencer with millions of followers; it’s about generating results while establishing a mutually beneficial relationship for both of you.

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