One of the widely used terms of the millennial dictionary includes the word ‘influence’ as well as the phrase ‘influencer marketing’ at the topmost section. In fact, it has become one of the most famous phrases of the era considering the high business stats accompanying its growth. Well, being the easiest and most effective way to reach thousands and millions of people across the globe in the fastest way possible, it is what today’s brands have been rooting for all this while. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s finally time everyone gets a proper introduction to influencer marketing.

So what exactly is influencer marketing? But before that, do we really understand what an influencer is?. So lets dive in and see all the terms related to Influencer Marketing.

What is influencer ?

An influencer is one person or group with a personal authority, position, expertise, or relationship that influences the purchasing decisions of others. The impact could be a well-known person in a particular industry, topic area, or niche that collected the following.

The key to influence is that they build relationships with their audience through technology or experience. In terms of marketing, products have the potential to work with influencers to provide an experience that benefits its audience.

That would be someone who has the power to influence the buying decisions of others – you and me. They are able to do this because they are considered an authority in their field of expertise.

Social media is a good tool for influencers, where they can build a strong following of people who value their ideas. There are a number of ways in which promoters become influential:

Celebrities – first-time promoters, boasting a large audience, but it is expensive

Industrialists and thought leaders – qualified for a particular niche – macro and micro

Bloggers / vloggers – great fans and readers who want their ideas

While many fans are impressed, it only confirms that the person is loved. To be effective, they need to be honest.

What is Influencer

What is influencer Marketing ?

Going by the basic definition, influencer marketing or social media marketing is one of the key methods of marketing that involves connecting brands and products with leaders, or say, ‘influencers’ so that they can endorse them to their respective audience.

This method basically believes in promoting the product in such a way that the consumers feel enticed and fascinated to buy it. The strategy often succeeds in its goal because of the trust and emotional attachment that the influencer’s followers have with them. The audience relates with the influencers, considers the influencer as one of their tribe, hence, gains a desire for the product they endorse.

Influencers, unlike celebrities, can be anywhere. They can be anyone. What makes them influential is their strong following on the web and social media. An influential person could be a popular Instagram photographer, or a well-educated cyber security blogger who tweets, or a well-respected advertising manager on LinkedIn. In any industry, there are influential people – you have to find them.

But many will be seen as ordinary people. They can have only 10,000 followers, a little in some cases. However, they will have made a name for themselves as experts in their field. They are mobile people who provide answers to people’s questions. Depending on their field of expertise, they are the people who make the most popular public posts on their professional topic. They share the best photos, make the most fun videos, and conduct the most informative online chats.

Importance of Influencer Marketing

To learn the importance of Influencer Marketing, we will divide this into two main categories. The fall of traditional marketing methods and second is how can Influencer help your brand.

Fall of traditional Marketing methods

Traditional advertising has taken a toll. As consumers, we are turned off by products using sophisticated marketing strategies. We place our trust in people, with 92% reliable product recommendations from individuals rather than products. Do you remember the last time you paid for an ad? Or are you suffering from a banner blind, like me? For those who find themselves getting into it, AdBlockers is the way to go.

To be clear, here are 4 reasons why you need to include influencers in your marketing strategy:

Powerful consumer recommendations – 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over products, and 66% in comments posted by consumers online.

Influencer Marketing reveals a healthy ROI – according to Adweek, influential campaigns earn $ 6.85 for the amount of media found in every dollar spent – you can’t afford to lose!

Influencers increase brand awareness – bringing authenticity to your product and strengthening your social presence.

Social media domination – Instagram is an influential marketing champion with 12.9 million product-sponsored posts in 2017, expected to double in 2018.

How Influencer can help your product

Influencers are product advocates, using social media to increase their credibility with a particular topic. A person with a positive influence can persuade his followers to change the way they buy themselves. You can use influential content to promote your product, grow your business, and increase consumer trust.

You can go one of two ways. Natural or paid. While livelihoods work, you will get better results if you pay them a salary. It means obvious, I know.

Here’s how an impact can help your product:

  • Writing an article, creating a video about your product or service
  • Promote your product on their social media accounts
  • Publish guest posts on their website

If you are lucky, there are a lot of influential people out there who are not ready to advertise your product for free, just because they like your product.

How to create an influencer marketing strategy

Now you already know what is influencer marketing and how it will help your brand. Now it’s time to get to know how to create influencer marketing strategy from choosing right influencer for your brand to running influencer marketing campaign.

Influencer Marketing campaign Strategy

1. Research your Influencer

Select the network you want to focus on first. You can always extend to other networks over time but if you are just starting out, stay with one. Ideally, your product should be present in this network or looking to expand on it. Demographics vary from network to network. If you are not sure where to start, our article on social media is a good start.

Any marketing group that deserves its salt will know its target audience (well they will also create buyas personas), what content the audience intends to see, and where they ‘share’ online.

Use this information to help you decide which type of impact is best for your product.

2. Select the appropriate Influencer

As well as the right balance with your product, they also need to have the right statistics.

Ask yourself…

Is their follow-up big enough to convey your message? Or does the following apply to your product?

Are they followed by a large enough part of your target audience?

How many returning visitors are available through their blogs?

Do people engage in their social posts and comment on their blogs?

3. Set a Campaign Goal

Although influential marketing uses a variety of methods in traditional marketing, the basics remain the same – there is no basis for launching a campaign on its own.

Before you can engage with your promoter, you need to decide what a successful campaign will look like.

Other goals you might want to consider with your effective marketing strategy include the following:

Product Awareness: To make more people know, see, and love your product.

Building Product Identity: Making people see your personality and values.

Audience Building: Getting more people to follow and sign up.

Engagement: Gain more sharing, comments, and likes for your content.

Leading Generation: Getting more people to sign up for your lead and lead.

Marketing: Getting more people to buy your products / services.

Customer loyalty: To keep people interested and connected to your product.

4. Selected type of Campaign

Once you know your goals, it’s time to start thinking about the kind of effective marketing campaign that will help you accomplish your mission.

Here are a few types of influential marketing strategies to consider:

Barter: Providing free products and services to the promoter to provide reviews or comments.

Guest Post: Creating and contributing content to an influential blog.

Sponsored Content: Paying for your product to be posted on a promoter’s blog or on a social channel. You may create post content.

Collaborative content creation: Collaborating with a promoter to create content displayed on your website, their website, or a third party website.

Social Media Reference: Finding a social media marketing strategy that is personal or a product that can name your product, share your content, or post about you.

Competitions and prizes: Create a competition and ask the strong to share your donation event with their fans or students.

Influencer Takeover: Allowing an influential person to control your social media accounts for a limited period of time.

Affiliates: Provide a unique code that gives influencers a percentage of each sales they drive.

Discount Codes: To give effect to a unique discount code for your product or service that they can promote and provide to their audience.

Product Affiliates: Build relationships with loyal product followersInfluencer marketing where they promote or promote your product, products, and services in exchange for special offers, free products, or branding of your product.

5. ROI Effective Advertising

Money is always important in any business, right?

You will need to think about the expected ROI of your influential advertising campaign: how do you measure the contributions of influential influencers to your overall marketing goals? One way is to compare the expectations of influencers with other firms – see how you can balance the budget of a video production company that builds an ad compared to a video producer At first it may seem like judging the number of influences is unpredictable, but this type of approach will give you a common point of comparison and contrast.

6. Set an Influencer Marketing campaign budget

Now that you know about the ROI of Influencer Marketing, it’s time to set a budget. Make sure you also set a time to plan, create and update your influence plan. Creating an effective advertising campaign is not the way to set up and move a strategy. It will involve careful monitoring and tracking.

If you have the time and money, consider setting up a formal ambassador program. Fujifilm uses its agents to launch new products and support its content. With a variety of photographers and videographers, the company is able to differentiate their feeds to show what their equipment can do.

7. Connect with influencers through the Influencer Marketing Platform

Marketing platforms that influence online tools make the impactful marketing process easier for products. Before the advent of influential marketing platforms, it can take products a lot of time to find potential influencers, build relationships with motivators, and run campaigns. Finding the right promoters was very difficult if you did not have the inside knowledge of the industry.

The advent of influential advertising platforms and influential search engines makes this process much easier. Over time, influential marketing platforms provide additional services to products, such as relationship management, campaign management, third-party analytics, content enhancement, and sometimes influential markets.

8. Build an Effective Campaign

Influential advertising platforms allow marketers to create, use, and report influential campaigns of any size, shape, and difficulty in hours, not weeks.

How we can track Influencer Marketing Campaign

True success is determined by whether you achieve your goals in life.

To find out if you have achieved your goals, follow and rate your results. Use metrics to measure your success according to the initial marketing objectives you set for the campaign.

Product Awareness Metrics: website traffic, page views, community specifications, site time, site users

Metrics for Product Identification: public speaking, PR coverage (number of articles or links

Audience building metrics: entry, next

Engagement metrics: stocks, comments, and likes

Lead Metrics Leadership: entry

Sales Metrics: new sales, revenue changes, price per ticket

Customer Loyalty Metrics: customer retention rates, renewal prices

Building Links: number of links, quality of links

Track the data of each of your powerful advertising campaigns so you can look back and think about what worked and what didn’t. Use the data to guide your next-generation marketing strategy. Repeat your success and stand the test of negative results

At Wobb, we have our pixel tracking tool that will help you easily track whether you are developing as a product or as an Influencer.

Influencer marketing

What is the cost of social influencer marketing?

The cost of social influencer marketing can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the size of the influencer’s following, the platform used, the type of content created, the industry or niche, and the duration of the campaign.

Generally, influencers with a larger following or higher engagement rates will command a higher price. For example, a micro-influencer with 10,000 followers may charge a few hundred dollars per post, while a celebrity influencer with millions of followers may charge tens of thousands of dollars per post.

In addition to the influencer’s fee, other costs may include content creation, platform fees, and campaign management. Some platforms, such as Instagram, also have specific guidelines and requirements for sponsored content, which may affect the cost.

Overall, the cost of social influencer marketing can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars per campaign. It’s important for brands to carefully consider their budget and goals when planning a social influencer marketing campaign and to work with influencers who align with their brand values and target audience.

Do’s and Don’t of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


Communicate clearly and directly. Be clear from day one what your product objectives, deliveries and expectations are.

Make it a priority to reach an agreement with their audience and audience regarding the content of their video. Having consistency between product, influence and audience is the key to a successful campaign. This will increase engagement and the excitement surrounding product messages.

Be open to a variety of influences, as this increases the reach of the campaign. If the content seems too boring or boring, try keeping your focus on the facilitator’s catch. You may not like the content because you are not the intended audience.

Have a goal of getting about 1% CTR (click-through rate). Influenced sponsored videos often see a much higher percentage of CTR than other rich online media advertising. In some cases, campaigns saw between 3% -10% CTR.

Work with a partner who represents the negotiation process and who has a good relationship with influencers.


Try to take full control of the creation. Influencers have an audience because they know how to communicate with them better. This does not mean that the product will not have an installation, but they should not plan to write a script.

In addition to paying or giving very little. Learn how important influence is.

Expect that combination of impact in the same way as traditional advertising methods. They require special attention to detail because factors such as timing, communication and identity are very different when working with influence combinations.

Expect to trade. Remember that your product is included in the product of influential product. It is important that the product integration is authentic and consistent with other influential content.

Change goals and plans at the last minute. While digital media seems to be an ideal destination for short-term turnaround projects, influencers are not doing well with unexpected changes.

Wobb an Influencer Marketing platform

What is Wobb

Well, the brief definition says that Wobb AI is an influencer marketing platform that automates your influencer marketing campaign work from discovery and vetting content creators to regulating and assessing the campaign. With the help of Wobb, one of the best and by far the most efficient influencer marketing platform, you can execute your influencer marketing campaigns with hundreds of influencers and develop top-notch content very easily with the world’s best influencers.

Wobb is an AI-based best Influencer Marketing platform that drives social media marketing via a wide network of influencers using AI and automation. Operating with the Wobb dashboard is very identical to developing a Facebook ad, it gives you attributes for comprehensive targeting and strategy like age, area, interest, profession, and language to make the process easier. This also ensures that the Brands area is effectively able to reach out to their suitable audience in a proper way.

Wobb Influencer Marketing Platform

Speciality and why you should choose Wobb

Wobb is the foremost best Influencer Marketing Platform in India that is eligible to assess and measure the performance, accomplishments, and returns of the Influencer Marketing Campaigns. It is also well equipped to estimate performance engagement, reach, clicks, and conversion using advanced pixels and proprietary technology, which is the first in India.

We all know that there are a lot of influencer marketing platforms that give out basic influencer connectivity. So what makes Wobb the best influencer marketing platform out there? Well, the list is pretty long.  For starters, Wobb can create a customizable and exclusive campaign for influencer marketing with an end-to-end metrics system, which can track your campaign status in real-time for each influencer part of your campaign, and that’s just the platform’s most basic features!

Wobb is the best influencer marketing platform in India that is eligible to assess and measure the performance, accomplishments, and returns of the Influencer Marketing Campaigns. It is also well equipped to estimate performance engagement, reach, clicks, and conversion using advanced pixels and proprietary technology, which is the first in India.

Apart from their great service, Wobb has already established itself in the market. The platform already gaining big on campaigns on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and numerous provincial platforms such as Likee, Helo, as well. It is emerging as the best influencer marketing platform, hands down!

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