Every marketing plan is designed to assist you in selling your products and services. It’s that simple. In marketing, there has been a significant shift. And now we’re trapped in an intriguing transitional cycle.

Regardless of how much marketing tactics evolve, how many new tools are created and released, whether it’s traditional marketing or digital marketing, the bottom line is that every firm needs to see a sales rise. After all, we’re all trying to make ends meet.

How can we talk about new marketing techniques without mentioning influencer marketing? Every company tries to make the most of marketing strategies. You put money into it, investigate numerous methods and channels, assemble a team of specialists, and devise marketing strategies for varied objectives. With influencer marketing, the same thing happened.

Influencer marketing has been around for more than a decade, but it’s only been a few years since people have been aware of it. Every company has gone to great lengths to work with influencers and have them advertise their goods. Some did it haphazardly, while others did it deliberately.


What are Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are social media leaders with a following of 1,000 to 100,000 people. They may choose whatever specialty they want to be a part of. Even while no accreditation is required to be classified as an influencer, simply having a large number of followers does not make someone an influencer.

It is greatly dependent on the individual’s preferences and work environment. In today’s world, being an influencer is a real professional path, and being a micro-influencer is the first step on that path.

Let’s see some of the Myths about Micro-Influencers.

Micro Influencer promoting

What are Myths about Micro-Influencers

1. They are not Credible

Many users and companies believe that micro-influencers are not real, and that they do it just to benefit from the concept of influencer marketing, which is that by becoming an influencer, one may receive free goods.

It is, however, your responsibility as a brand to protect your marketing plan by doing background checks. You may set your own standards for determining whether influences are credible, reasonable, and trustworthy.


2. They do not have enough followers

As previously stated, the amount of followers does not determine an influencer’s position. This is another Myths about Micro-Influencers. The amount of followers that an influencer has is significant, but it is not as crucial as the engagement rate that they have when it comes to becoming an influencer and working with a business.

If you want to work with micro-influencers or any other type of influencer, you should pay more attention to their engagement rate than their quantity of followers.

Types of Influencer Collaboration

3. They do not take Job seriously

People that like their work take it seriously. It’s a well-known fact. The influencers are in the same boat. They are in phase 1 when they start their adventure, which is becoming a micro-influencer.

They are well aware that if they do not perform well, their careers would be jeopardised. A little study on the influencers might help you solve this conundrum and determine their legitimacy.


4. They have bad reputation

These ideas aren’t totally obliterated here. However, you must equally oppose generalisation. Most people enjoy show business, and influencer marketing has made it easy for anybody to participate. Working with micro-influencers is not as tough as many people believe.

As we go forward with this expanding marketing trend, both businesses and influencers are making informed decisions. You are considerably less likely to have a negative experience with any influencer than you may think.


Let’s bust Myths about Micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are, in all honesty and fact, a sector that is vastly underestimated and undervalued. An influencer marketing plan can have a variety of objectives, including raising awareness, creating content, and driving sales.

And, like the other types of influencers, micro-influencers are effective in achieving the desired objectives. Here are the five reasons why micro-influencers are sometimes more effective than other influencers.


1. They are inexpensive

Micro-influencers are those who are just starting out in their professions. They are still trying to get by each day and earn some money. They are less expensive than other types of influencers. You may also opt to repay them in a variety of ways, such as by providing them free items, a specific percentage of commission, or any other mutually agreed-upon method.

Micro-influencers are less well-known than other categories of influencers, yet they have the same level of authenticity and potential. As a result, as a brand, you must strive to compensate them fairly and not abuse them in any manner.


2. They have Niche

Let’s bust another Myths about Micro-Influencers. Micro-influencers are relatively new to the world of content creation, yet they have a sizable internet following. However, they do have it, and it is purely due to the fact that they have a niche.

Because their fans enjoy the material they provide, they continue to produce comparable content in that area. It’s fantastic if you can locate a micro-influencer in your niche since you can anticipate a high degree of relevance from them and high reactivity from their following.

Myths about Micro-Influencers

3. They are Active

They are always in a rush to create something new, to try out new trends, to comment on other people’s material, to share it, to be a part of the creator’s community, to be on the go. As a result, they are always visible to passers-by.

When you work with them, you get the same level of prominence and attention as they do. They will help you gain more followers since they are so active with their regular postings, updates, and material.


4. You can build long term relations with them

You might strive for a longer collaboration with a micro-influencer based on your previous experience with them. If their material is assisting them in growing, you may share your own progress with them if you cooperate with them for a long time. Longer collaborations result in more exposure, which leads to increased brand recognition, which leads to increased sales. Bingo!


5. Most Ideal for Small Businesses

Budgets for small enterprises are frequently limited. Even if they are willing to take risks, they always expect that the money spent on marketing will result in an increase in sales. Because risk is an ever-present issue, the lower the risk, the better.

Micro-influencers allow small firms to research and experiment without having to spend a lot of money. When compared to traditional marketing techniques or even other paid marketing strategies, influencer marketing is more cost-effective.

Wobb Marketplace makes discovering them even more cost-effective. It’s a free influencer marketing website where you may identify micro-influencers for your campaign by signing up. Simply put your needs in the comments section.

Myths about Micro-Influencers

In general, the attitude toward working with influencers was not always positive. Previously, both companies and customers looked up to well-known celebrities. They were and are influences as well. However, the social influencers we currently have started from the ground up and are entirely focused on areas of their choosing.

The significance of niche has never been greater than it is now. It allows businesses to narrow down their options and connect with people who can assist them grow their business. Micro-influencers, like other influencers, are a way to reach out to these niche-specific potential customers. Working with micro-influencers may be a painless process provided you do your homework on all of the criteria. They are vivacious and eager to do business.

Head over to Wobb to hire Micro-Influencer for you next campaign.

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