You’re an influencer, but don’t know how important you are to the Instagram business community? Or how much should you charge from products? No problem, we’re here to save you.

Now, most of you think that your follower is only reporting the news in calculating your prices, but you may be wrong. This is because there are many factors that directly or indirectly affect your value and market value.

If you are looking for important points that will help you to know and increase your value, then this article is for you!


Factors Determining the Market Price of Influencer

The market value of any influential person usually depends on the following factors:


1. No. of Follower

This one just has the fans you have. Your number of followers, in fact, reflects your commitment, permanence, engagement and strong progress.

So, the more fans you have, the more likely you are to be seen by brands and companies. While this is not the end of the process, it is an important factor that helps you determine your standards.

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2. Audience Engagement

As a follower calculation, user engagement is an important factor that determines any Market Price of Influencer. Engagement rate is the percentage of followers who share your posts and news.

To calculate your engagement rate, simply divide your average value by your fan count and multiply it by 100. This will give you a percentage of your user engagement rate.

User engagement also depends on your targeted niche. However, consistency and understanding of user behavior can help you improve your engagement rate.

But wait, why do we emphasize the level of engagement? This is because the user engagement rate is an indication of how loyal you are to your next social media followers.

The higher the number of people involved in your post and news, the more likely it is that the product you recommend will be liked and used by your audience. Your level of engagement alike tells the product that they are making a wise decision by investing in you.


3. Growth rate

Growth remains an integral part of any business and determines its future survival. This is because if you do not grow over time, you will eventually die.

It’s the same with an influential society. The number of likes, comments, and shares of your new posts is not always the same. In time, they began to shrink. This is because users always need specific expectations that connect them with their favorite bloggers & influences, and so on products.

A stable growth rate is an important factor that helps you determine your market value.

If you want to know your growth rate, take a difference from the total number of followers you have today, subtract the number of followers you have last month. Divide this number by the number of followers you have in the last one month. Then multiply it by a hundred.


Z: Previous number of Users

Y: Current number of Users



Growth Rate: {(Y-Z) / Z } *100


If your percentage sleeps between 5-7.5% and above, that means you are actually doing well, and your growth rate has been achieved.

Market Price of Influencer

4. Tracking Return on Investment

The successful Instagram promoter is the one who always keeps a check and balances and has a keen eye for his growth and return to investment. This simply means that you know how much the product has cost you, and in return, how much you are giving the product.

There are several apps and websites that you can use to view your information and you can see where you stand in the influential community and how much you like products. In this way, you can compare yourself, see your value, and determine your market value accordingly.


5. Sponsored Posts

You might think the more sponsored posts you have in your account, the more qualified you are as an influence. But you may be wrong!

This is because when you include a lot of sponsored content in your newsfeed, over time, your posts will have less power.

In simple terms, the value of each sponsored post decreases with the ad for each previous post. About half of the population often skips tagged posts. Posting too many sponsored posts will result in a lower level of engagement.

So, as a promoter, you need to opt for a sponsored post. Also, you need to make sure that any sponsored post you choose to show up in your newsfeed, should match your product and your audience.

This way, you can reach the most targeted audience, and this will not hurt your value.

Market Price of Influencer

Tips to Improve your Market Price of Influencer

Now that we have almost covered the factors that determine your value as a strong person, you may now want to know how to improve your market value. So, below are some tips and tricks that will help you grow.


1. Interaction with Other Products

Collaborating with a variety of products is an effective tool that helps anyone with an influence on building their online reputation in the corporate sector. Collaboration is often done with shared benefits. For example, a product will offer financial benefits or provide free product samples to you so that its product can be highlighted in the post.

But before working with any product, you should always carefully research, ensure that the product also shares the same voice, the same niche, and most importantly, both of you have the same target audience.


2. Creating authentic posts

With the Internet awaiting content, prosecutors need to work harder than ever to break free from clutter and connect with people online.

Since this is a real time, so your fans can see imitated content from a distance. Therefore, when posting, you should always keep in mind three things. Be honest, trustworthy, and visible. That’s all.

Also, if you want to prove your authenticity, try posting randomly and in the background of photos and scenes.


3. Work with Micro-Influencers

The least influential, are those with followers ranging from 5-70 thousand. To think that working only with famous brands and big names is not always a good idea.

In fact, the less influential, even though they have a smaller number of followers, often have a higher level of engagement.

Working with these micro-influencers, if not to some extent, will help you increase your engagement rate and improve your market value.

Influencer Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

4. Write interesting reviews

How can writing product reviews help you? The answer is simple.

Your reviews and reviews may make or break a product. This is because most users tend to go back for updates before making any purchase decisions. So, as an influence, it is your main task to write true product reviews, as your audience trusts you with your words.



Influencers are a part, and have always been an important part of the Instagram community. Their importance and existence are undeniable. To be influential, you need to know about your importance in the social community.

You spend a lot of time improving your content, building your community, and engaging with your fans.

So, this is the right time to get an understanding of your Market Price of Influencer. This will not only help you calculate your value but will also be a fruitful point for your rapid growth.

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