Influencer marketing is a relatively new digital marketing area, yet 92 percent of marketers feel it is a successful strategy for achieving corporate goals.

To summarise, influencer marketing entails paying one or more influencers to promote your business. Influencers are frequently paid on a project-by-project basis by businesses. They’re well-known on a certain platform, such as Instagram, YouTube, a blog, a podcast, or somewhere else.

Collaboration with influencers has numerous advantages due to their large audiences. A company may also expect an influencer to share a promotional code with their followers. What does this mean for the business?

Let’s start with the benefits of influencer marketing, then look at how successful it is, and finally, how your company may use influencer marketing to promote discounts.


Benefits of Influencer Marketing with Promo Codes

Influencers, as previously said, have tens of thousands of followers. There are many various types of influencers, including those in the fields of beauty, technology, sports, parenting, fashion, art, and other fields. Let’s take the case of Zoe Sugg, a well-known beauty YouTuber.

What are the responsibilities of influencers? They write product reviews and promote your items as part of compensated collaborations. What does this mean for your business? Take a look at the following:


Bring More Traffic

Influencer marketing may also help your business by increasing visitors. As word spreads about your website, more people will visit it. Not only will this improve internet traffic, but it will also increase foot traffic in your business.


Brand Awareness

Partnering with an influencer provides your product visibility, whether you’re just starting out or have a well-established brand. This implies that your product is marketed to a large audience and that word of mouth about it is propagated.


Increase Sales

Before they are ready to buy, certain of your target segments may “window shop” your items and services for a while. Promo coupons are sometimes the most effective approach to get these folks to take the plunge and try out what your company has to offer.

This is especially true in the case of influencer marketing. Followers of influencers are drawn to companies that their favourite influencers support. That’s why influencer marketing initiatives bring in new fans to your branded social media sites.

However, as wonderful as having fans and followers is, the ultimate aim is to boost sales. Promo codes are an excellent method to turn your sceptics into loyal customers.


Track Sales Attribution

Depending on how your promo codes are structured, they can assist you in tracking sales attribution in startling depth. While many influencers may receive the same promo code, you may divide them by campaign, discount, product, and season.

You can discover which offers motivate your consumers to buy by looking at the redemption statistics. You may also keep track of seasonality and which goods are best suited for specific promotions.

Influencer Marketing with promo codes

Social Media Engagement

Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business or merely an online brand, social media marketing is a must these days. However, you must have potential consumers follow your social brand in order to reap the full benefits of social media marketing. Influencers can assist in this area. They increase the number of people who see your social media pages by spreading your usernames.


Conversion Rate

So you’ve got some potential consumers, but how do you turn them into paying customers? Positive feedback from influencers can be beneficial. When a potential consumer sees a celebrity endorse your company, he believes you’re trustworthy. This aids in the rise of conversions.

Influencer Marketing with promo codes

How to Use Influencer Marketing with promo codes

Let’s speak about how to utilise promo codes now that you’re aware of the benefits of mixing influencer marketing with promo codes for effective coupon marketing. Here are some suggestions:


Set Clear Goals

Do your homework and figure out what you may anticipate from an influencer. Inform the influencers you work with about your expectations or aims. You can offer suggestions such as bolding the discount, including a tracking link, and including a visual with the code on it.

Remember not to be overly demanding, and refrain from lecturing the influencer excessively. Your approach to communicating the expectations should be gentle so that your influencer retains creative control over the campaign.


Offer Unique Codes to Influencers

A question that may be running through your mind is how to set up promo codes for influencers. You see, each influencer is meant to have his or her own system. Your codes should ideally be brief and simple to remember. You may create a code that is unique to each influencer and is their social handle, making it easier for their audience to remember.

Influencer Marketing with promo codes

Offer Worthwhile Discount

Offer a substantial discount to entice customers to make a buy. They want to utilise your promo code, not just come to your website and leave. Visitors may choose to disregard the promo code and purchase from the sale if you provide a 20% off promo coupon but also have a huge clearance sale on your site.

As a result, provide a substantial discount to encourage people to utilise the promotion; otherwise, the goal of your campaign will be defeated. Furthermore, the influencer’s audience should not be limited in their options. You could aim to give them a coupon code that applies to all goods on the site rather than just a few. Providing only a few alternatives to the audience may discourage them from making a purchase.


Use Influencer marketing platform like Wobb

Managing several influencer campaigns may be challenging. Using applications and tools, though, you can make the entire process more comfortable for yourself. For example, tools for discovering influencers, outreach programmes for influencers, tracking links, creating codes, and so on. Invest in them to alleviate your headaches.

Head over to Wobb to hire Influencers for your next coupon code campaign.

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