We’ve made it halfway through the year 2021, and the LGBTQ community’s month-long celebration has begun. Every day, we see people from the LGBTQ community and beyond striving and raising their voices in many sectors of society.

The oppression of the lgbtq community on a daily basis is well-known. It’s also no secret how they’re categorised and vilified. You don’t have to be a member of the LGBTQ community to understand their difficulties.

All you have to do now is broaden your knowledge, study from the appropriate people, and apply what you’ve learned. Starting this year’s Pride month by knowing a little about the community’s history and the top LGBTQ influencers in India who continue to spread the word is the simplest way to show your support.


Top LGBTQ Influencers in India

1. Alok Vaid Menon

Vaid-menon says, “I had to learn to perform “boy” so that others wouldn’t abuse me.” As a youth, Vaid used to create poetry, which helped him overcome the anguish, misery, and trauma inflicted by society.

Alok is a gender nonconforming performance artist and writer who has 217k Instagram followers. They have been featured on major networks such as HBO, MTV, BBC, CNN, and the New York Times, and have spoken out on 500 occasions in 40 countries.

Alok Menon

2. Durga Gawde Studio

Durga, a 25-year-old educator, performance artist, and TEDx speaker, is regarded as one of the most important Indian Instagram LGBT influencers. Her account’s main aims are to make big changes in society and to shape perceptions about the gay community.

Durga has 12.6k Instagram followers and uses it to show off her best looks. When it comes to social problems, she focuses on crimes against the LGBTQ community.

She recently appeared in a live video with RJ Malishka from Mumbai’s 93.5 RedFM, where they discussed the realities and significance of Pride Month. She used to wear a rainbow every day to spread the message of love and compassion.


3. Dutee Chand

She is a professional sprinter from India and the current national champion in the women’s 100 metres. She is the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in a worldwide 100m event. She is only the third Indian woman to ever qualify for the Olympics in the Women’s 100-meter dash.

She is also the first Indian athlete to come out as queer in 2019, after speaking about her same-sex romance. This one bold attempt to come out as queer offered the LGBTQ community a new viewpoint and a chance in sports makes her entry in Top LGBTQ Influencers in India.

Top LGBTQ Influencers in India

4. Priyanka Paul

Priyanka Paul’s Instagram feed, Artwhoring, is her brainchild. She is a poet and illustrator who uses creative expression to inspire people and raise awareness. Her work is heavily influenced by sexual emancipation and gender flexibility. Her drawings are also extremely unique and imaginative, leaving you wanting more.

Priyanka Artwhoring

5. Trinetra Halder

Trinetra is a proud trans woman who also happens to be a doctor and a social media star. She is well-known for her numerous collaborations with companies such as Netflix. People’s perceptions have shifted as a result of her presence in the OTT world, and they are more aware of the LGBTQ population.

She is a person who isn’t afraid to speak openly about her transformation. Trinetra, like any other lifestyle influencer, has been candid about her life experiences and challenges. In fact, her YouTube channel is chock-full of videos on the subject.

You can learn about transgender people, their lives, difficulties, and transitions by watching her films, and you might even learn some science along the way.

Trinetra Haider

6. Sushant Divgikar

Mr. Gay India 2014 was won by Divgikar, who is known for his drag queen persona “Rani KoHEnur.” He is a singer, musician, and drag artist who conveys his views via stories that are accessible. Sushant is a mind-blowing performer who is well recognised for his confident presentations and commendable acting abilities.

He has a distinct personality that is difficult to ignore. Even before the social media era, he was all about spreading awareness about the LGBTQ population.

Top LGBTQ Influencers in India

7. Nitasha Biswas

Nitasha is the first transgender woman to win a beauty competition in India. Hers hasn’t been an easy road, but she’s made it this far and paved the path for many transgender people in the beauty business.

She, like many others in the community, was subjected to social prejudice and persecution on a variety of levels. Her enthusiasm, on the other hand, was what kept her going. It is thanks to Nitasha Biswas’s fortitude, as well as that of many others, that society and its laws are growing more and more inclusive with time.

Nitasha Biswas

8. Roshini Kumar

Roshini Kumar is a vibrant spirit with a kickass attitude who never misses a chance to use her art to convey her ideas, feelings, and promote societal awareness.

She’s a fashion photographer, creative director, activist, and influencer who speaks out on a variety of social issues and collaborates with a number of fashion influencers. Her Instagram continues to emphasise her attempts to mainstream various body shapes, gender fluidity, and queerness.

Top LGBTQ Influencers in India

9. Rishi Raj

Rishi Raj is a 19-year-old homosexual activist who spends his time on Instagram trying to educate his followers about the LGBTQ community. He talks about his personal problems with coming out and living with the aftermath. He, like many others, is subjected to the wrath of internet trolls on a daily basis, in fact, with each and every post.

But it doesn’t stop him from calling out the oppressors on the internet. Through his articles, he also discusses the Dalit community and has played a significant role in raising awareness about their difficulties in society.

Rishi Raj

10. Anwesh Sahoo

Anwesh, the youngest ever Mr. Gay World India winner and recipient of the Troy Perry award, is all about inspiration. He is one of the most popular Indian Instagram LGBT influencers because of his art, originality, and intelligence.

He was crowned in 2016 at the age of 20 and has remained steadfast in the lengthy history of LGBTQ advocacy. He is a multi-talented individual. Sahoo is a TEDx speaker, artist, writer, blogger, and performer who resides in Delhi and is the founder of the Effeminare, which you should check out if you’re looking for a dose of positive creativity.

Anwesh Sahoo


These are Top LGBTQ Influencers in India are here to help create the future. They will educate you, urge you to be more inclusive, and show you how to become a great influencer and maximise your social media opportunities. They’ve been doing their work for a long time, and more individuals are joining every day. LGBTQ is more than just a group of people.

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