With a range of grooming products for men Phy carried out Influencer marketing campaign across Instagram & YouTube with help of Wobb.

With a range of grooming products for men Phy focuses on self-care and be it hair or skin their products take good care of their customers. The campaign was executed with Wobb and a lot of influencers were selected for the influencer marketing campaign across platforms like YouTube and Instagram. 

Well-known and creative influencers like Vishnu Kaushal (@thevishnukaushal) and Usamah Sidique (@usaamahsiddique) were the highlights of the campaign who along with several other influencers generated great statistics on their platform for Phy.

Wobb and its team of professionals led by an experienced Influencer Marketing Manager made the entire process from the curation of a theme and concept for the posts to final edits effortless and immensely time-saving. We believe our wide range of services and experience in the field was able to create a positive influencer on the campaign altogether which along with the efforts of the influencers and brand, led to the generation of such great statistics.









Wobb was able to make a significant impact on the campaign despite the limited time and the statistics generated are clear evidence of that. The campaigns generated 17,43,66,490 Impressions; 8,43,578 Reach; 5,98,073 Engagement and 26,21,452 Views as last checked by our team. We firmly believe that our team was able to add value to Phy Life and their influencer marketing campaign by efficiently organising it and presenting our client with a list of effective influencers, engaging concept ideas and other services.

With many similar campaigns, Wobb has managed to gain the trust of more than 300 brands and 100,000 influencers. It is our continuous efforts to do better and serve our clients better that has helped us complete over 5000 campaigns.