What is micro-influencer?

what is a micro influencer
How micro influencers can help your brand stand out

Influencer marketing has grown a lot over the past years. With the emergence of that, another term came into relevance called micro-influencers. But what is a micro-influencer? Micro-influencers are content creators on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc, who have between 10,000 and 50,000 followers. These people generally assemble followership around callings like voyage, styling, beauty, and blogging, and make congregations enclosing their work. Numerous micro-influencers interact with enthusiasts and followers daily and, as an outcome, they frequently produce elevated engagement and effective reach.

When you talk about influencer marketing, most people are only aware of using influencers with huge followings to endorse their brand. However, when you think about, micro-influencers or influencers with fewer followings can often come of great use in the long run. Even though micro-influencer are emerging all over social media, currently, Instagram is where you can find top micro-influencers.

What is micro influencer marketing?

Just like influencer marketing, micro influencer marketing is endorsing products to a smaller audience with the help of Instagram influencers who have less number of followership on the social media platform. This term has come into recognition very recently. Earlier only influencers with a very large number of followers were reached out by brands for endorsements. Now, that brands are identifying with better marketing techniques, micro-influencer marketing is getting promoted all over the country.

Top micro influencers are utilized by discovering a particular niche and utilizing their identities to develop audiences. Maximum micro-influencers encompass glances of their truths on social media, but their content is generally directed on a specific theme and distinct aesthetic.

Micro-influencers moreover have the recourse to assemble friendships with their supporters through honest engagement. Those who do may find that their supporters are more faithful, adequately active, and more infused in the micro influencer’s journey.

The age of micro influencer marketing

Brands have come to realize that there is more to micro-influencer marketing then they thought of. With the growing trends and understanding of the world of influencer marketing, it has been observed how resourceful it is to find micro influencers and do influencer marketing campaigns with them. With this realization, many niche influencer marketing agencies which can be best described as a micro influencer agency are helping brands to find micro influencers for their products. 

It is enthralling to believe that there are crazy benefits of working with micro influencers. Be it organic sales or brand recognition around various niches, micro influencer marketing is going ahead. Here are some of the few things that make micro influencer marketing as incredible as it sounds.

Attachment with the audience

The followers of micro-influencers see them more like friends than idols. It is important to understand that micro-influencers might not be as popular as an influencer but they have more impact on their audience because of the deep emotional bond that they share. This emotional attachment often triggers the followers to buy the products that are being endorsed by their influencers. This is one of the major reasons why micro-influencer marketing is taking a hike in the Indian market.

Feasible costs

Micro-influencers don’t possess the huge rate labels related to bigger macro- or mega-influencers. Counting on an influencer’s stretch, engagement, and connection with the audience, brands may be able to collaborate with many micro-influencers for the exact price as pairing up with a solitary macro-influencer.

Like for example, it would cost a lot of money to have a great influencer like Akshay Kumar to endorse your brand. However, at the same cost, any brand could hire 20 micro-influencers and get an as the effect result out of it. This is one of the major reasons why micro-influencers are growing in demand and getting approached by various brands. 

Defines niche Categories 

Micro-influencers refine niche populations around their work. In broadcasting personalized and curated subject, micro-influencers smear into audiences who potentially share substantial interests and liking. This makes it very easy for certain brands to find their desired audience effectively.

Many macro-influencers are followed by a lot of people for various things and not just the main subject on which their content is based on. However, in the case of micro-influencers, you are more likely to find people who are genuinely interested in the main content produced by the micro influencer.

The authenticity of the influencer

It should be every company’s reasonable concern to operate with influencers who have created their followership organically by creating consistently amazing content. When the influencer has consistent creation, it automatically gets boosted by the Instagram algorithm and hence, is highly recommended. The micro-influencers are common people who generated their content from rags. They are self-made and ensure authenticity. 

As we are well aware, fictitious engagement and fake followers are crucial difficulties on Instagram. To guarantee that they’re hiring for valid outcomes, marketers should glance properly at an influencer’s followers and preceding accomplishments. Because of micro-influencers’ organic followership, this issue can be easily avoided.

What holds ahead of micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge term and so is micro-influencer marketing. As brands come forward to endorse their products with micro-influencers, they realize that this game is not about who has more followers on which social media. The key to influencer marketing is high engagement. It is very important to find micro-influencers who can generate impeccable leads for the brands.

What is a micro influencer and what do they bring to the table is already established. We are blessed with top micro-influencers over various social media platforms who have excelled in sales and have even outperformed many macro-influencers in the world of marketing. Some influencer marketing platforms like Wobb are making it a lot easier for brands to reach out and collaborate with these influencers Brands can reach out to these platforms to help them reach these micro influencers  and collaborate for suitable campaigns based on their niche. If things go well, the future is, in fact, in the hands of micro-influencer marketing.  


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