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A look at best travel influencers India has to offer

Top 10 best travel influencers India has to offer

A look at some of the best travel influencers India has to offer and they are gonna make you quit your job, pack your bag and explore the unfiltered beauty around India one could possibly find.

Travelling is one of those beautiful things that every person enjoys to the fullest. It’s amazing how traveling helps us to inhale the diverse cultures of the world. We are blessed with a plethora of Top 10 best Travel influencers in India  has to offer who help us in understanding these cultures to the fullest.

Who are travel influencers in India?

Travel influencers in India are content creators who post and write content about different places they visit in India. They tell about the place, where should people stay, what are the things they can see there and what is just a waste of time. People get inspired by these types of content. They go on tours, they post pictures of how they planned their trip and guide us about the things that should be covered while traveling in a particular place. Therefore, travel influencers in India are highly popular. Talking about the financial part, travel influencers in India either go by spending their own finances or by getting paid for traveling at a particular place which is influencer marketing. Here is the list of Top 10 best Travel influencers in India

Top travel influencers in India

1.Shivya Nath
Shivya NathShivya Nath is an Instagram travel influencer in India who is also a writer who writes what she feels while traveling. She is a normal girl who realized that corporate life is not for her and she wants to explore life by traveling. Her book “the shooting star” is a best seller and she believes that one should travel slow and solo seeking meaningful experiences. She has 102k followers. She is no doubt one of the best travel influencers in India.



2. Ajay Sood
Ajay SoodTalking about best travel influencers in India, Ajay Sood needs no introduction. He has also won the Outlook Magazine Photographer of the Year award and several other blogging contests as photography is his passion. His Instagram username is “travelure” which clearly shows how much he loves what he does. Ajay Sood has 4k followers. His post reflects the essence of the cultures in India.



3. Archana Singh
travel influencers indiaThis Instagram travel influencer is a multi-talented person. She is a travel journalist and loves photography. She is also a public speaker who has already spoken in many places and programs TEDX, ATM, WTM, etc. She is also a brand management expert. Archana Singh always says “quit jobs, travel the world,” She has 45k followers which clearly depicts how many people follow her work and which makes her entry in Top 10 best Travel influencers in India.



4. Siddhartha Joshi
travel influencers india
This best travel influencer in India loves to travel in the evening. Siddhartha Joshi is a travel blogger. He says he loves to blog, design and travel. He has this curiosity to study people. He loves photography and storytelling too. He can be considered one of the most aesthetic Instagram travel influencers in India. He has 109k followers and people are inspired by him. That is why he is considered the best among the top travel influencers in India and also deserve 4th spot on Top 10 best Travel influencers in India.



5. Nivedith Gajapathy
travel influencers india
Nivedita Gajapathy, an Instagram travel influencer is a macro traveler, which means he not only travels but also shares his personal experience with his audience. His work has been posted in many leading travel magazines and editorials. He is also a tech enthusiastic person and has traveled to more than 30 countries. He has around 208k followers on Instagram.



6. Seema Gurnani
Seema GurnaniShe is a travel influencer in India and is the kindest person known. Seema Gurnani started with food blogging when social media weren’t popular. She quit her job to do something she likes doing. Being a vegetarian, she wants to try food from all over the world and travel all the time. She has around 22k followers on her Instagram account.




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7. Indrani Ghose
travel influencers india
She is a travel influencer in India who has a very unique perspective toward life. Indrani Ghose is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. She loves photography and says she is obsessed with road trips and islands. She has around 15.4k followers on Instagram who loves her much.




8. Karthik Murali
travel influencers india
Karthik Murali is of the top travel influencers in India and a person with a pure heart. He is a data scientist and has 13years of experience on road trips. He combines traveling with tech and makes a mind-blowing combination. He has around 10.4 k followers on Instagram and people love his interesting twist.




9. Neelima Vallangi
travel influencers india
This travel influencer is very special. Neelima Vallangi not only travels but also spreads awareness about sustainable development and the ecosystem.  She is also a sustainable speaker and loves to travel solo. She is an inspiration for many females. She has 46.5k followers on Instagram. People love her.




10. SaerahStamps
travel influencers india
This is my personal favorite travel blogger page. The page is run by Saloni Chopra and Rahul and trust me when I say, they both are the best travel influencers India has to offer. They travel along with the diversity of different cultures all around the world. As a matter of fact, they also give us insights about the beautiful places they visit through their blog. With their beautiful connection and approach towards nature, we get to see the perfect combination of love and travel.


The world of travel influencing has a lot to offer. We are blessed to have acknowledged some of the best Instagram travel influencers India has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Dive into their profiles and fill those places up in your bucket list, save the places that fascinate you the most, and wear your traveling shoes. These travel influencers have the type of content that will blow your mind.


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