Is collaborating with a social influencer the new trend in marketing?

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What makes Social Influencer more special than ever today?

Over the last couple of years, the world of marketing has changed from upside-down. With the advances in technology, a relatively new phenomenon called a social influencer has emerged and taken over the realm of marketing. But who are these social influencers? Well, to begin with, social influencers or popularly called social media influencers are common people like you and me who are experts or professionals in a particular niche. These people endorse products to their audience by collaborating with social influencer with brands.

Social influencers have come forward in the world of marketing because of the personal and creative effect they have on their audience and gave rise to a new term altogether called social media influencer marketing. It’s amusing how nobody even knew this term a few years ago, and now it has become a whole brand. Let’s dive deeper into this and understand how social influencers became the new trend in the universe of marketing.

What is a social influencer?

The term social media influencer has been on fleek over the last decade. In the proper sense, a social media influencer is a powerful individual in social media platforms, who endorses products of a brand and also serves as a brand ambassador to the same. In other words, you can determine a social media influencer as an individual who specializes in a specific enterprise and work together with brands to endorse them to its followership. It is also somebody who can affect the community’s purchases because of the power or connection they share with their audience.

The range of social media

Social media is a whole another universe in itself. There is nothing that you can not find on social media platforms. There various influencers based on the type of content they produce. And so, with the emergence of social media platforms, came the era of social influencers across various social media platforms. There are different types of platforms with different audiences based on the type of content they prefer.


Youtube has been the apple of the eye for over a decade. It was one the first social media platform that introduced the common people to the world social influencers. The content creators on youtube grew substantially over the last few years and people started recognizing the faces on their screens. This was also one of the first spaces where brands started with social media marketing. YouTubers or the social media influencers of Youtube are now the biggest gainers from the world of influencer marketing because of their huge subscriber base on the social media platform. It won’t be wrong to say that YouTube is the supplier of the world’s top social media influencers.


Podcasts are a very new concept to social media influencers. But, it could surely become popular over the coming years. Podcasts are generally related to a smart audience who often multitask while listening to podcasts. This is a very beneficial social media platform. People nowadays are very busy with their lives and listening to podcasts at work is a way of living. Brands have already made their presence in this venture by sponsoring podcasts and making sure that their product is being heard. A great example is the social media sensation Joe Rogan after years of building up his YouTube Channel Podcast Joe Rogan Experience to Spotify in a massive deal! 


Blogging has been concerned with influencer marketing from the beginning of the social media marketing era. There are numerous very powerful blogs over various blogging platforms on social media. Brands are trying to reach out to prominent bloggers because if they nicely present their products in a blog, it can lead to the blogger’s followers yearning to experiment with the brand. Blogging has been a part of social media influencer marketing for a long time now and it is going to stay for a lot more.

Short Video sharing Platforms

Social media came up with several video applications like TikTok. It all started with Vines popularizing Short  Video culture which got transcended to a massive industry of its own with hundreds of platforms across the world offering similar experiences. In these videos the audience could watch people create video-based content o their screen. Be it funny videos, landscape visualizations, short informational content, these types of social media platforms rose in demand. The bite content on such platforms brought up the idea of easy advertisements. Anyone can become a social influencer with the help of video applications if they have the will for it.

The aura of social media influencers

Collaborating with Social media influencer are their audiences’ favorite people. They are loved by their followers throughout their journey. Even the tiniest engagement with their influencers makes the common people very happy. And this very thing is the reason behind the popularity of influencers among brands.

Brands have observed a high-level sale when they collaborate with influencers who share an emotional bond with their audience. Naturally, the influencers procure amazing leads for products. Even though social media can seem fabricated at times, social media influencers manage to keep it real by sharing a family-like bond with their followers. This special bond is what brands are digging for!

How social media affects a common man

Truth be told, we live in a world that is governed by social media. We spend hours and hours scrolling through the latest trends, puppy videos, fashion, aesthetics, and what not on every social media platform that there is. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or youtube, social media gets a significant amount of our time every day. And so automatically we consume most forms of advertisements through social media.

Collaborating with Social media influencer marketing started to gain momentum because of this very reason. As the consumers are only majorly available on social media platforms, it was necessary to find top social media influencers to reach out to this mass audience. The common man certainly loved the idea of purchasing goods based on the recommendations of their favorite social media influencers. And well, the sales did take off. Social media influencer marketing has become the strategy of the decade. All in all, Collaborating with social influencer is a force that has kept pressing on and will continue to do so and rise in the years to come.



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