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makeup influencer
A comprehensive list of the top 10 make influencers on Instagram from around the world

The profoundly visual realms of fashion and beauty have witnessed an unparalleled sea of change in the digital era. We used to discover new trends from reflecting fashion mags that told us which impressions and shades moved in or out, how to adorn for the season, and whether flared pants signified a “do” or a “don’t.” Thus, with fashion came beauty and a concept of Makeup Influencer.

How Youtube and Instagram brought a revolution in the world of Makeup Influencer

With the growth of YouTube and Instagram, makeup influencer marketing creates waves on social media, and trademarks benefit big time. You can obtain new fashion representations by scrolling through your phone and discovering complicated makeup tips with your finger’s tap on a suitable video.

Identifying the Top Makeup Influencers

Partnering with makeup influencer the appropriate way can give your brand remarkable clout within your target business, but the real mystery is: where do you start? Looking past numbers like follower count and high commitment can be a great start. 

For some motivation, here are ten of the most notable fashion and makeup influencers who could be speaking to the variety of people you seem to target.

  • Huda Kattan / @hudabeauty
    makeup influencer
    Huda Kattan is a Dubai-based makeup influencer with an extensive 22.5 million followers and is well-known for her excellent, easy-to-follow makeup videos.
    This elegant blogger and makeup artist (MUA) is highly asked for by labels and may be costly to book herself. Rumor has it that Kattan prices something like $18,000 per post, and she is particular about the brands she operates with to not reduce her credibility to the followers who trust her. Kattan originated her makeup line previously in 2013—which comprises metallic lipsticks, highlighters, and more.


  • Nikkie de Jager / @nikkietutorials
    makeup influencer

    Nikkie exists as a Dutch makeup influencer and makeup artist recognized for her hair and makeup tutorials. She’s high on both Instagram and YouTube, with approximately 8 million fans on both channels.
    Conqueror of the Shorty Award for Best Youtube Guru, De Jager has hauled with Maybelline for a distinct web series.Interestingly, De Jager got her inauguration after Googling makeup tutorials to improve the girls’ looks from the TV show, The Hills. Determining how to direct Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, and Audrina Patridge encouraged her to execute her tutorials—which quickly earned a following on YouTube.


  • Isabella Fiori / @isabella_fiori
    makeup influencer
    One of the most followed Australian youtube makeup influencers, the sensational Bella Fiori is a cruelty-free cosmetic artist with 540k fans on Instagram and a massive 1.4 million supporters on YouTube.
    A brand representative for the style line Sisters, Fiori posts beauty tutorials, one-brand cosmetic tutorials, vlogs, and stories every Monday.


  • Haley Wight / @cosmobyhaley
    makeup influencer

    Haley Wight is an Oregon-based glamour guru and cruelty-free cosmetic artist. She began as an Instagrammer and originated her YouTube channel after getting some traction.
    Haley remained one of the finalists in the NYX face Awards 2016 and now claims 1M fans on Instagram and 400K supporters on YouTube.


  • Sonjdra Deluxe / @sonjdradeluxe
    makeup influencer
    Sondra Deluxe is a YouTube makeup influencers and cosmetic artist from Canada. She posts glamour, fashion, and lifestyle content to her channel. Sonjdra’s tutorials emphasize several Rihanna-inspired looks, as well as weekend and Halloween cosmetic how-tos. She has 1M supporters on Instagram and 800K supporters on Youtube.


  • Alexandra Lapp / @alexandralapp
    makeup influencer
    Alexandra Lapp is a makeup influencer, voyage, lifestyle blogger, and model. Recognized for her chic, timeless appearances and her passion for pumps, Alexandra has starred in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and more numerous. She has 134K supporters on Instagram, and her website highlights several brand allusions, from luxury brand Gucci to the more convenient brand, Levis.


  • Amy Bell / @thelittlemagpie
    makeup influencer
    Amy Bell is a Top Makeup Influencer and trip blogger from Scotland. She’s operated with the matches of TopShop, Pandora, and SpecSavers, and her technique is eclectic—motivated by whatever whim strikes on any given day. Her blog is a combination of “outfit of the day’ posts, as well as tour photos and house décor



  • Robert and Christina / @newdarlings
    makeup influencer

    Male makeup influencers Robert with partner Christina are US-based style influencers with a lifestyle blog and 430k Instagram supporters. Their blog concentrates on fashion, décor, and tour and records their life together as a married couple. The pair partnered in 2013 and went from New York to Arizona, where they commenced their blog. Robert and Christina have operated with a diverse range of brands, like Saatchi Art Gallery, Nespresso, and Audible.


  • Frédérique Harrel / @freddieharrel
    makeup influencer
    Initially from Paris but fascinated by London a few years ago, Fredériqué Harrel is a UK’s top makeup influencers with 130k supporters on Instagram and a strong fashion blog.
    Freddie’s different style shows that she’s not worried to think outside of the box—through her use of brightness and love of patterns. She has operated with brands like No7 UK, Ted Baker, and TJ Maxx.


  • Megan Ellaby / @meganellaby
    makeup influencer
    Manchester native Megan Ellaby launched her popular fashion blog at college by writing what she believed was a private diary. Megan now has a makeup and fashion-focused website and a sizeable audience on Instagram—162K fans.
    She’s operated with popular fast-fashion names like ASOS, H&M, and TopShop. She has won prizes for her style blog, including the Cosmopolitan Best Fashion Influencer including the InStyle Project 13 Best Fashion Blogger prize.


Final Thoughts.

Makeup Influencer marketing has become a meaningful part of many brands’ marketing plans—particularly in the fashion and glamour industries. Consumers are looking for peer and makeup influencer reports above all other marketing methods, making user-generated content and essential connections with influencers all the more critical. While the influencers discussed above are some of the game’s largest names, getting to know who’s who and drilling into some of these more extensive audiences can square off in a big way.


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