The right Influencer Marketing Tools to make your brand go viral

influencer marketing tools
Let's take a look at some of the most useful influencer marketing tools that can help your brand grow

Influencer marketing tools have altered the way labels look at promotional content. The right influencer marketing tools has modified the way brands look at their patrons. Likewise, even viewers now have a drastically diverse approach to branded content. (They no longer believe easily!)

This transformation in content consumption has also affected the way professionals carry out influencer marketing. (It’s more extra than just unboxing the commodity and talking about it!) With cut-throat competition on every social media platform, it is tough to get the users’ attention!  Influencers can help you do the needful with their pro content curation skills!

  • But how to find influencers for your brand?
  • How to measure the impact of the influencer marketing campaign?
  • How to assess the audience’s sensibility for a brand?

All these questions need to have clear answers if you want to succeed in your existing and future influencer campaigns. And this is why we possess influencer marketing tools!

The Influencer Marketing Tools for Your Brand

The rise in influencer marketing has also introduced a herd of influencer marketing tools in the market. Most of these tools have their characteristics, but brands often have a hard time choosing a clean tool.

While remarkable influencer tools only attempt to find influencers for your operations, some also give you analysis and in-depth reports. It completely depends on what your brand specifications are! Well, here are a few questions to help you choose the right influencer tools.

Does the influencer tool have all the characteristics I need?

Before you spend on an influencer tool, verify whether it has all the characteristics you need. Suppose you just need to find influencers, then you should shortlist influencer search tools. However, if you need the device to have analytics, your search should be in that direction! Note down why you need a tool in the first place, and you shall know which features you require.

Is the influencer tool easy to use?

As a brand administrator, you do not have all time to crack a convoluted tool! Hence, make sure whichever influencer marketing tool you go for is easy to use. You don’t want to struggle every day to figure out how the device works.

Is the influencer search tool giving you more than just an influencer database?

Influencer marketing tools need to contain more than just their database. It should allow you to discover influencers and assess them. Moreover, having additional features like analytics and customized reports is always beneficial.

Does the influencer tool fit your budget?

An expensive tool does not guarantee its usefulness. Think before you invest in an influencer tool! Make sure it fits your budget and requirements. Moreover, the device should be worth it. Don’t merely opt for too many features; pay for the ones you will use for your brand.

Is the tool comprehensive enough?

You shouldn’t have to invest in ten different influencer marketing tools for getting smaller tasks done. See to it that the device you choose is comprehensive enough. By this we mean, that it should not just allow you to find influencers but should at least allow you to evaluate and connect with them! The questions mentioned above will surely help you choose the right influencer tools for your brand.

Best Influencer Marketing Tools 2020

1) Wobb

If you are a business with no time to deal with the hassle of negotiation or finding influencers you have come to the right place. A less than a year old, one of a kind Influencer Marketing Platform, Wobb connects brands and influencers to collaborate using AI and Automation.

It helps brands create. run. analyze. influencer marketing campaigns on its platforms and with the help of AI and Big Data it helps them connect and execute their campaigns with influencers from its vast database of over 1 lakh influencers who will be fit for the brand.

Wobb also helps brands analyze their influencer marketing campaigns using various metrics including a pixel to track sales. It algorithm learns and accordingly gets better with every campaign run. Brands looking for influencer marketing solutions where all they have to go through is a well-detailed result of their campaign, Wobb is just the right software.

2) HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a one-of-a-kind influencer tool that helps make the influencer industry fair and transparent. They provide data-based analytics to help brands, platforms, agencies, and individuals improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. A database of over 10 million influencers helps analyze the quality of the audience an influencer has and helps in monitoring campaigns.

The influencer search tool helps in analyzing influencer profiles and provides a lot of data-based metrics that help in making informed choices while choosing influencers. Easy to understand data and charts, it provides in-depth analysis of audience demographic, audience quality, and fraud detection. Currently,  it includes influencers from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram accounts where the majority of influencer marketing campaigns take place.

3) BuzzStream

An outreach CRM system, it is an easy-to-use influencer tool that helps in digital PR and link building. It makes email outreach much more organized and easy to use for a team or individual. One can research prospect profiles, find their email addresses, send emails and follow-up emails as well as track email metrics all from one place. It reduces the workload by organizing the work and not relying on creating those tedious excels or cluttered email accounts by doing all of that in one place for you.

What makes it such a great influencer tool is the ability to discover influencers from a particular genre in one place to do digital PR. You can get a full list of experts in one place. Sorting is possible by activity, followers, and especially last activity so you don’t end up reaching out to inactive experts. You can add all the relevant influencers to your prospect list and reach out to them. They can be contacted directly if they are in the BuzzStream database or their extension will help you find a valid email on the influencer’s contact page.

You can easily create custom outbound emails to collaborate using their templates and track responses and open rates. All-in-all BuzzStream is a great Influencer tool to have in your arsenal whether you are an influencer marketing platform, agency, or brand.

4) Heepsy

Heepsy lets you find influencers and also enables you to analyze their audience. The influencer marketing platform will also help you reach out to the selected influencers. With their audience analysis, you can easily find out if the influencer has fake followers!

5) Cision

Similar to other influencer marketing tools, Cision also allows you to search for influencers. Additionally, it also helps you evaluate the influencers for better selection. The platform has a comprehensive influencer database, which also consists of journalists.

6) Pitchbox

The influencer outreach and content marketing platform can help you with your influencer marketing campaigns. The tool allows you to find bloggers and influencers and enables you to connect with them. Additionally, it also helps with timely reports to help you make data-driven decisions.

Influencer marketing analytics tools need to be chosen wisely. One also needs to know how to analyze crucial metrics for different social media platforms.

7) Aspire IQ

AspireIQ is an influencer marketing platform that lets you discover influencers, engage with influencers, and measure your influencer campaigns. Moreover, the tool also enables you to evaluate influencers to see if they are safe for your brand. It also allows you to track movements in real-time so that you can scale up your strategies.

Final Take

Although, influencer marketing platforms like Wobb takes care of your entire influencer marketing campaign end-to-end the influencer marketing tools help you do influencer marketing on your own if you are a much smaller company that is just starting out. These influencer tools help make your life easier and help improve the performance of your digital PR as well as marketing.


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