Tricks to find Instagram influencers for your next campaign

Important things brands have to keep in mind when they try to find Instagram influencers online. A lot of factors are needed to be considered to find the influencers who will deliver the optimum results you look for

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How to find instagram influencers who are right for your brand

As the world has evolved, we have been bestowed with great technological enhancements. We are living in an era of social media, which has made it easier for everyone to reach out to mass audiences in a fast and effective way. It is always great to find people with similar interests in social media. Looking at the marketing perspective, it is crucial to find Instagram influencers who fit with the vibe of the brand.

Understanding influencer marketing is very essential to get linked with influencers who have a genuine and loyal following on the internet. However, one has to be cautious about the rising cases of fake followers and only invest in influencers who guarantee proper lead generation. But the question is, where to find influencers? How to find Instagram influencers? How to find Instagram influencers for your brand without getting scammed? Is it okay to get involved with any influencer marketing platform? Is there Instagram Influencers search tool available? Well, fret not, we have got you covered. Here some of the key points that any company should keep in mind before indulging themselves with Instagram influencers.

Where to find influencers? Google them!

Brands can search on google to find Instagram influencers and gain perspective about the Instagram influencers lists. Do this according to your preference and similarities with the influencers. Like, if you are interested in endorsing beauty products, then you can search “top beauty Instagram influencers” and influencer marketing campaigns matching it. A list of many names will come and then you can select the one you connect the most with.

There are instagram influencers search tools are also available. Like in Wobb, we have special attention to find right influencer for your brand.

After that, it’s recommended that you do proper research of the Instagram influencers that caught your attention. It’s very amusing how you can search Instagram influencers who are more than what they show. Certain influencers are far more qualified and wise than what you see on Instagram and it’s always better to hire and connect with the ones that can offer you the most lead generation and growth. Hence, you have to search Instagram influencers with search tool accordingly.

Analyze the content of the Influencer in your Instagram influencer list

One of the basic rules of influencer marketing is that you have to be considerate about where you invest. Being mindful of your brand is very necessary. One should check Instagram influencer’s pages by analyzing their content and their way of posting. To work along with what suits your intuitions. It’s very important to go by your vibe and ensure that the influencer you are bout to get linked with follows the same values so that content appears more personal.

Along, with that, make sure that you find Instagram influencers who have recorded substantial growth since the time of their making. It’s never okay to invest in influencers with stagnant growth. You can also ask for analytical proofs from your preferred influencers about their average monthly engagement with their audience.

Check The Authenticity Of Your Influencer

Brands should check the number of people following the page of the Instagram influencers and their engagement rate. It means the stories and posts of the influencer is noticed by the audience and they are attracted to it. There was a study where they found that most influencers having more followers have less engagement. This means that micro-influencers are more effective than macro-influencers. So Brands should make sure that they are clear about where to find Instagram influencers with efficient engagement.

Fake flowers are another thing that brands that are trying to find influencers on Instagram have to be beware about. It has been evident that because of fake followers, there will be less engagement of the audience and the brand will reach only some to a small number of people. This is a very important tip.

Understanding your audience

The age distribution of the audience is a very important point to be noted.  And to be very honest, most of the influencers stay interested in products that are well regarded amongst their audience at a high scale. Since most of the influencers have a millennial and GenZ based following, you need to ensure that the strategy you are willing to use goes along with their vibes. This will not only help in keeping the influencer fascinated about your product in the long run but also keep their audience enthralled to buy your product. Most of this can be easily determined if you manage to find Instagram influencers who are deeply connected to their audience and keeps them entertained daily.

Take the help of an influencer platform

Yes, you guessed it right, there are influencer platforms available in the market. When you are all tensed about where to find influencers, these are one of the best platforms you can refer to, to find genuine Instagram influencers that match your vibe and preach your tribe.

These influencer platforms like Wobb provide you with influencers based on the requirement you are looking for, for your brand/product. More often than not, these platforms provide the most genuine influencers who are known for their impact on the market. They also give you options to explore more about the kind of niche you are interested to fish in. You can find influences profiles where they have mentioned their prices accordingly based on the type of campaign you are willing to organize. 

So now you know where to find influencers!

Well, in this article we discussed some of the major things you have to considers before you go about finding Instagram influencers. The task involves a lot of patience and research, and we never said it’s gonna be easy. You have to be consistent with your strategy and ensure proper engagement processes.  To make your work easier, many platforms have emerged in recent years with certain technologies that can get this work done for you.

Wobb is one of such platforms that can help you with your campaign and generate an amazing strategy in mere seconds. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?! Well, yeah that was about it. Even though the task to find instagram influencers can feel like a big task, it all can be done easily once you take care of some basic things. All these steps will help you curate a beautiful campaign and trust me, it’s going to be worth it. In today’s world, it’s more than necessary to tie with a digital marketing platform. It has become the way of life, the stepping stones towards a brand’s success.



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