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Who are the top 10 fashion influencers on Instagram?

Being a fashion influencer is one of the largest inclinations that has caught up with time. People are posting about each and everything and have quite a following as well. One aspect of being an Influencer is that it is hugely popular in fashion blogging. Fashion influencers or bloggers put up content discussing the different styles and fashions and how to stay in vogue. It is a comfortable and straightforward way to remain modernized about the different types of overall tones.

The Whats and Hows of working with fashion influencers

These labels efficiently employ the 3×1 grid on Instagram to give their patrons a sneak peek of the newest fashion trends and instantaneous access to their latest acquisitions. They attract and captivate more people with original Instagram Stories, stamped hashtags, shoppable commercials, and influencer-created material.

With their exciting followings, the best Instagram fashion influencers reconstruct the way brands, and customers connect. More labels turn to those Instagram fashion influencers to understand the art of customer engagement on this visual stage.

Names like REVOLVE and boohoo take incredibly curated Instagram fashion influencers on holidays to benefit from their notable followings. These getaways are stuffed with exciting experiences or events, enabling influencers to show off their entertaining expertise.

Instagram: The origin of Fashion Influencer

No other B2C enterprise has flourished on Instagram, considerably like the fashion industry. With an attendance willing to scroll and buy, Instagram has built unequaled possibilities for all fashion labels. Both stabilized fashion names such as H&M, Zara, ASOS, and Chanel and more modest brands leverage this visible platform’s influence and engagement.

The List of Top Fashion Influencers that certainly know-it-all!

We plunged deep into the Fashion Influencers Marketing Cloud and recognized the top 10 fashion influencers based on their reputation on Instagram. 

Our top 10 influencers embody the entire world, from male fashion influencers to plus size influencers, originating from Europe, America, and the Middle-East, showcasing how socialites and fashion-lovers are present worldwide. These business-savvy influencers have taught us how to modify social media into thriving careers and tear it in the fashion industry by solely following their passion and featuring private branding.

  • Chiara Ferragni
    instagram fashion influencer
    Italy, widely understood to be a central European fashion hub, is the house to this year’s most successful fashion influencer.
    Chiara is known as the most prosperous fashion blogger worldwide, and her Instagram association of 16.8 million followers agrees. Chiara has stayed faithful to her fans over the years, and that authenticity has shifted directly into her consistently concrete Instagram statistics.
    A single Instagram post of hers creates $84.000 worth of earned media on ordinary, and that’s without counting the additional value determined by her co-sign.
    Various outlets have recognized Ferragni’s extraordinary progress. She consistently graces in other most influential personages listings, e.g., by Forbes, Vogue, and Footwear News.


  • Camilia Coelho
    top fashion influencer
    Camila Coelho, one of the renowned Brazilian Fashion influencers, and vlogger have also leveraged her vast social media audience to build an influential profession around fashion and value.
    She speaks both English and Portuguese in her videos and has distributed her YouTube channels subsequently. However, she connects her international audience on Instagram, where a society of 8 million fashion and beauty fans closely watch her updates.
    On her blog, Camila shares the most modern drifts. She looks for each season, substantial tastemaking that has morphed into a popular collaboration with InfluencerDB associate and overall influencer marketing colossus Revolve. She recently originated her apparel line Camila Coelho Collection with Revolve, and her Summer 2019 batch has gained tremendous acclaim.


  • Noha Style Icon
    top fashion influencerNoha Nabil is a prime fashion influencer in the Middle East. The Kuwaiti style guru has cooperated with major labels like Bourjois Paris, L’occitane, and Swarovski, often their leading influencers from the Middle East.
    Her groundbreaking production with these brands has established a path to victory for comparable influencers. This entrepreneur mom has been invincible in her career, and after reverting from the USA to Kuwait, her social media following has maintained its uphill trajectory.



  • Lauren Conrad
    top fashion influencerThe Californian bestselling writer Lauren Conrad started her thriving career more than ten years before, starring in the reality show The Hills.
    She blended her comfort with the spotlight and her intensity for beauty and fashion into a flourishing career. Lauren continually updates her lifestyle blog and is a subjective social media star. She has started her attire line, a fair professional shop, and a podcast.


  • Mariano Di Vaio
    top fashion influencer
    Amazing women might nearly fill the world of fashion, but there is invariably space and desire for stylish men and male fashion influencers.
    Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian model and a fashion influencer with an Instagram following of 6.2 million fans.
    He cooperates with luxury labels like Dolce & Gabbana and has built his own clothing business, Nohow. His supporters get to know him as one of the leading male fashion influencers, and two kids’ gratified father on his Instagram.


  • Olivia Palermo
    top fashion influencer
    The American businesswoman Olivia Palermo is recognized as a critical pacesetter in the style industry. An administrator at heart, she is frequently multitasking encompassing the fashion field and producing meaningful collaborations with labels like Piaget and Valentino.
    Olivia represented Diane von Fürstenberg at the opening of her career, gaining invaluable exposure and perspicacity into the fashion industry.
    Being one of the leading fashion influencers, she recently collaborated on a combination with Karl Lagerfeld and launched the assistance naturally on Instagram, including the hashtag #KARLXOLIVIA.


  • Negin Mirsalehi
    top fashion influencerThe Dutch fashion influencer Negin Mirsalehi is a spokesperson for original beauty and a style icon for many. Along with managing her own business, Negin often collaborates with major fashion brands, like Dior, for just one example. Her passion for fashion, lifestyle, and beauty, combined with her business education background, set her up for success as an instagram fashion influencers.


  • Aimee Song
    fashion influencersThe American Instagram Fashion influencers Aimee Song is a fashion blogger who has climbed to style influencers.
    Her careful professional steps have taken her to maintain a wildly successful private brand on multiple courses, and a variety of media has recognized her hard work. Aimee is a New York Times bestselling novelist, honored as a Forbes 30 below 30 honoree, and now, very newly, she colluded on a clothing line with Revolve.


  • Sincerely Jules
    top fashion influencers
    Julie Sarinana commenced her blog in 2009, desiring to inspire the universe. Soon, she realized that many enjoyed her individual, unique style, so she established her eponymous clothing name, Sincerely, Jules. Today, her Instagram account is a stage of inspiration and understanding, which attracts 5.3 million personalities, and the growth appears unstoppable, making her one of the top Instagram Fashion Influencers worldwide.


  • Alexa Chung
    top fashion influencersThe British fashionista Alexa Chung is known globally for her quirky fashion. A former model, she gained expertise in how the fashion section works.
    She channelized her creativity and enthusiasm to tap into her own company. When she is not too busy creating a business, she cooperates with brands like L’oréal Pro, Longchamp and flaunts the runways of Miumiu.



It is apparent that the concept of a fashion influencer has been a gamechanger and has transformed and redefined the style industry and made it more comfortable for brands to unite with their consumers. Partnering with the prime Instagram fashion influencer can help one craft a unique brand identification, enhance society engagement, and support more people to shop your selections.



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