beauty influencers in India
Looking at the top beauty influencer from India

Who is the top beauty influencer in India?

The most popular category on Instagram is beauty influencer among others. Let's look at the top 10 beauty influencers in India mesmerizing their audience.

The beauty and wellness industry is expanding at a great pace. With their increasing demand, emerged a new term called beauty influencer. Today, when you search for beauty influencers in India, you will be surprised how serious this is considered. It is amazing how great these beauty influencers are in demand in today’s market. Well, why wouldn’t they be? Half of the county’s population is driven by them.

Be it, men or women, beauty products never cease to dazzle either. And that is what the beauty brands focus on. With the emergence of top-tier social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, etc, makeup enthusiasts, and beauty brands found a way to attract this audience. Be it by making video tutorials or just recommending certain beauty products, this market grew at a quick rate.

Who are beauty influencers?

Beauty influencers or makeup Influencers India are people with an enormous following on social media platforms to whom they recommend beauty and self-care stuff. These people inspire their audience based on their beauty preferences. As they are well aware of beauty products, their audience tends to trust their taste.

The audience of the beauty influencers and beauty bloggers’ Instagram or makeup Influencers India matters a lot. And that is why brands try to collaborate with the top beauty influencers of the country. So, here we bring you the top beauty influencers Instagram India has to offer!

Let’s look at our picks for top beauty influencers in India

  • Shaurya Sanadhya Tulshyan 
    top beauty influencer in IndiaWhen we talk about top beauty influencers, Shaurya’s name comes first. The very beautiful beauty influencer is well regarded for her great sense of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle choices. Not only that beauty blogger’s Instagram has about 424k followers which tells us how popular she is. She has her skincare product called Aryamskincare, which is very popular amongst her audience.


  • Kriti Dhir
    Kriti DhirKirti Dhir is very well known in the world of top beauty influencers. She is loved by her audience and very well-acclaimed as a great makeup artist and hairstylist. She is also known for her quick style statements and beauty blogs. The beauty influencer’s Instagram has a great following of about 456k followers. She also owns a salon called KirtiDS in New Delhi. She is top makeup Influencers India.



  • Guneet Virdi
    top beauty influencer in indiaGuneet is one of the top beauty influencers of India. She is known for her amazing makeup hacks. Not only that, but her style statement is also considered top-notch in the industry. She is a very beautiful person inside out. Gurneet received her training from the London College of makeup and is also well trained in skincare. 



  • The Boho Girl
    The Boho GirlKritika Khurana, widely known as That Boho Girl On Instagram is one of the top beauty influencers of India. She is very well known for her amazing style statement and great interest in beauty products. The beauty blogger’s Instagram has a huge following of about 1 million. The Delhi based beauty influencer is also a great travel blogger and fashion star makeup Influencers India.



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  • Malvika Sitlani
    Malvika SitlaniMalvika is considered one of the top beauty influencers of the country. She is very much loved for her flawless makeup and beauty routines. The beauty influencer’s Instagram has loving followership of about 365k. Apart from that, Malvika Sitlani starred in the TV series called India’s Next Top Model and was applauded for her awesome performance.



  • Roshni Bhatiya
    beauty influencers in IndiaSome beauty influencers are celebrated a little more than others and Roshini Bhatiya is one of those highly celebrate beauty influencers that India has to offer. She is a mother to a child and also treats her beauty products with a great delicacy like her own children. Her beauty blogs are very famous in the world of beauty influencers.



  • Nitibha Kaul
    top beauty influencer in indiaNitibha is very well known for being one of the top participants of various beauty pageant contests like Miss India Beauty Pageant of 2015. The Delhi based beauty influencer’s Instagram has a great following of about 789k. Her audience loves her and enjoys her style statement. The beauty influencer is very talented and is well regarded for fashion statements.



  • Mrunal Panchal
    top beauty influencer in indiaMrunal is a beauty influencer who was born in Gujrat. She is very well known on TikTok and her audience adores her a lot. The beauty influencer’s Instagram has a following of about 2.1 million. Her skills are almost unmatched in what she does. She comes among the top beauty influencers of India. She is also known for sharing makeup tutorials over the internet.



  • Shreya Jain
    Shreya JainThere are many beauty influencers India has to offer, but Shreya is one of a kind. She is not just one of the top beauty influencers of the country but is also a beauty and fashion vlogger. She has her own YouTube channel with very supportive subscribers. She enlightens her subscriber base with product reviews, beauty tips, and beauty tutorials. The beauty bloggers Instagram is blessed with a great following of 388k. Because she specialized in bridal makeup, it’s safe to say, she is the best makeup Influencers India.


  • Swati Verma
    Swati Verma
    Swati Verma is a well known professional makeup artist. The beauty influencer’s Instagram has about 457k followers. She is popularly known for her knowledge and experience in the beauty industry. Unlike a lot of beauty influencers, she has a degree from the London School Of Beauty And Makeup. She is the co-founder of Swati Cosmetics. 

The beauty influencers of India are truly mesmerizing. They have a unique style statement which always makes an evident mark. The men and women of our country have started to understand the importance of beauty products and hence, are ready to try them. With the help of any beauty influencer, their lives have just become easier. Hope you were able to find the top beauty influencer to get inspired by them. It is truly alluring how beauty plays such a vital role in our lives and we are glad we could be of help.




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