AspireIQ vs Wobb

If you are looking for Influencer Marketing platform which will help you to be in influencer marketing and make your life easy.

You are at the right place, in this article I will be comparing two leading platforms in Influencer Marketing, AspireIQ and Wobb.

Read all the details below, and choose which platform fits your brand most.


Overall Comparison



Influencer Search

Influencer Outreach

Campaign Management

Campaign Analytics

Customer Support


Value for Money
Value for Money


Pay separately to Influencers and Platform

One Click Payment

Time taken to complete Campaign from start to End

Depends on Influencer Response, may take atleast 7 days

Can complete all within 2 days also


Features Comparison



Influencer Search

Large Influencer Database
Advanced search function
Image Search
Real time Influencer Insight


Influencer Profiles

Influencer’s Bio
Followers and Engagement Rate
Average Comments per post


Campaign Management

Multiple Campaigns at same time
Post campaign to apply for Influencers
Analytics Reports

Payment and Plans

Free Trail
Customized Plan
Special Discounts


Find Influencers

Find Influencers with AspireIQ

There are different categories available in which you can easily find the Influencer you are looking for on AspireIQ influencer marketing platform. You can  filter the results down by specifying follower counts, average likes per post, and other demographic info etc.

You can use their Quickmatch feature, You’ll see a name, profile pic, follower count, average likes, and a short bio. Below that is a grid of recent content for you to look at—if you’re interested you can either send a general invite to collaborate, or make an offer right there for an existing campaign.



Find Influencers with Wobb

With Wobb also, you can easily find the Influencers you are searching for. where you can find influencers with your preferred criteria like Area, niche, age group. Benefit with this is that, you can easily get idea which influencers are available on the platform.

After searching the Influencers, you can easily create a campaign.


Create Campaign

Create Campaign with AspireIQ

After searching or quickmatching influencers, what you have to do is to send them proposal which will include all the details of company as well what are they getting after completion of the campaign. It has also option to see in which phase of the campaign, influencers is.

But after that, as a Brand you have to put so much efforts and it is also not guaranteed that the influencers you have sent proposal may not revert back to you.



Create Campaign with Wobb

With Wobb also you can create multiple campaigns. The procedure is very simple, you have to post the requirements, criteria and no. of influencers required.

After creating campaign, here is the procedure gets very simple. As a brand you have to just sit back and relax. Various Influencers who are fulfilling the requirement can apply for your campaign like job posting websites. After that you can easily select best of them as you wish.



To conclude, AspireIQ is the influencer marketing platform which will provide the solution to your influencer marketing platform, but as a brand you need to put lot of efforts to connect and convince the influencers.

On the other hand, Wobb is a platform created for both brands and influencers. As a brand you have to just create campaign with your requirements and influencers will apply for the campaigns as stated above with very much lower price than AspireIQ.


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